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Laser Toenail Fungas Removal

You don't have to settle for ugly toes!

Listen, we know it may not be your favorite topic, but toenail fungus happens. In fact, 20 percent of the general population get toe fungus before the age of 65 and over 75% experience it after 65. 

Toenail fungus is an infection. It gets in through the cracks of the nails (or sometimes small cuts in your skin. Common sideeffects of toenail fungus are color and nail thickness changes. 

Laser treatment for toenail fungus is safe, painless and effective. It is important to know that laser toenail fungal treatment is not a cure for fungal infections. Using your old shoes and exposing your feet to moisture can cause the infection to reoccur. While laser toenail fungal treatment is typically very effective, it is often one component of an overall toenail treatment program.

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